Counselling & Personal Development

" of the most innovative and effective counselling services available
and a wealth of resources for your own reading and personal development...."


Because you have a need, THE ROAD™ has an approach that means that you can learn those things now, that you have always, like everyone, been wanting to learn....

Why THE ROAD™? We are all travelling on a journey through life which is also a journey towards personal growth and wholeness. Like any road, it has its ups and downs, twists and turns, potholes and obstructions. Sometimes the journey is rough, sometimes smooth. We can get stuck or get lost. We can travel alone or in community and either way maybe right for us.

It is when things are not going so well that we lose sight of where we are, where we are going, wonder why we are going there at all, or ask with whom should we be travelling.

It is at these tough times when we get depressed, angry, sad, guilty, afraid or stressed. It is then that our relationships suffer. It is then that we cease to grow personally. I'm sure you have experienced some of these.

Who doesn't sometimes feel depressed, anxious, stressed, guilty or afraid? Who doesn't have a phobia? Who doesn't see life as a series of problems and difficulties? Who doesn't struggle in their relationships?

And even as you do, travelling along life's road, you want to change. You do? Now, you can change with THE ROAD™ so you are:

  • flexibly coping with life's problems and pain;

  • experiencing more loving relationships;

  • growing personally and spiritually.

You can, can't you?


THE ROAD™ approach is solution-oriented. This means that, while acknowledging past limitations and weaknesses, it concentrates on developing strengths and possibilities. It will take you beyond explanations and problems, towards solutions, competence and capabilities.