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Client Feedback

Read some of the feedback received from clients:

On Counselling / Psychotherapy

"Just a note really to say a profound 'Thank you' for your help. Having completed the sessions, I confess to being a little sceptical that results would actually be 'longer-lasting' - I have to say I was completely wrong! I am continually amazed by what must count as a miraculous (yet gradual) transformation - Life is Good! Things are good! People are happy! This is the new me, and, try as I might, it really does seem (so far!) extremely difficult to recapture the old ways. God knows how it works, but it does. So thank you!"

"Once again, thanks for the amazing affects wrought - so far so good!"

"I just wanted to say thank you for everything so far, you have certainly got my mind in sort mode. Feeling really positive about the Time Line."

"A little note to thank you for all the support and understanding"

"You're a wonderful man Alec!"

"My specific stressful situation was getting worse and, if not dealt with, could have become life threatening. After only 2 meetings, you succeeded in pointing my mind towards a certain way of thinking which produced results which, not only have I not fully comprehended why it worked, but cannot underestimate the positive effect it had for which I will be eternally grateful. In this you must take full credit. Having absorbed the suggested thinking direction, my mind was seemingly enabled to resolve the problem over a fairly short time of 2-3 weeks. In my case it seemed to be that you were able to identify and suggest a successful way in which my own mind could resolve the situation immediately over a fairly short term and bring it eventually back to its normal control situation. You most certainly can quote me."

"Thank you for all you have done for over the last couple of months. That we have got this far at all is thanks to you. It is much appreciated."

"Thanks again. You have given me much food for thought, and that is better than more caloric intake."

"Just a quick email to let you know I enjoyed meeting you and found your advice very helpful. Time, money and perhaps some more problems will lead me back some time for further consultation."

"I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and guidance over the past few weeks, I am so glad I came to see you and I hope we keep in contact."


"Alec is very straightforward and tell the truth honestly simply and without bias.  If you have a question that is bothering you, he will not so much give you the answer as give you the tools with which you can make yourself the answer." 

On THE ROAD™ To Your Future

"I just completed the first run through. Wow, It's powerful, Thank you for sharing it with me. I look forward to sharing the benefits with others and positively effecting the world around me with what you have given me access to today. Go raibh mile maith agut!!! (Old Irish for a thousand thank yous)"

"This has led me to the path of the warrior, the path of surrender and acceptance, the golden middle road where all choices are just choices. Of course, I still have work and a lifetime of practice to do but my direction is clear!"

On the Personal Development Course

"Thanks so much Alec. I'm sure this info will be great. I want to let you know that your online personal development course has been of great help to me and has inspired me to read "The Road Less Travelled" which I'm really enjoying. Looking forward to getting into this information as well."

"I know this course will change my life for the better, and will have a knock-on effect for the rest of the world, bless you ..."

"I had read the "Road Less Travelled" a number of years ago and hadn't quite got the realisations you had ; and I must admit I had overlooked many of the themes probably looking for something more awesome than the blatantly obvious being true! I think your program is wonderful and it certainly has given me the right message I needed to hear around discipline and delayed gratification."

"Wow... prompt response! I am awed and grateful. Will go through the course and correspond again. Miracles of the Internet....Thanks"

"Thank you for sending the course to me. The course really revolutionized me. Especially when you delineated on love and sex. (Before) It really immobilized me. But now I know. It was the first time I really believe in the saying "knowledge is power"."

Thank you very much for sending me very useful information. Definitely, it will be extremely conducive for my work. I will contact you whenever I need your guidance. "Thank you for your generosity and graciousness. I sense that you are a person that truly makes a difference! Bravo!!!"

"Yes, the coursework is very useful!"

"Thanks for your great coursework sent promptly by email. I appreciate it very much!"

"Thanks for your prompt response to my request for the course contents. I wanted to let you know that your message with the course was lovely and felt personal.... I think that special caring people have a way of passing on that warmth without even trying.

"Just for you interest, I was given the book by a close friend, and passed it on to another friend of mine. We all felt that there was a lot we would like to take on board but that sadly, we would forget much of it. After hearing that there was a course available we have decide to work through it together in the hope of incorporating some ideas a little more deeply."

"Thank you for the course material, and for having formulated such a course based on the works of M. Scott Peck.  Here in Australia, FCE members are few and far between.... To have a professionally designed forum within which I can continue to grow, is a great blessing to me."

"Thank you the course that you have just sent by e-mail. Your warmth and compassion in compiling this work shines through."

"Thank you for your rapid response.  The information you sent comes at a timely moment. After looking over its content, the workbook may suffice as I work through Scott Peck's thoughts on the Road and the unexpected changes that have occurred in my life recently." 

On No Smoking Therapy

"This is to inform you that you have an example for 100% success! I am still a Non Smoker and intend to stay that way. Even when in a situation which usually supported my bad habit I can easily resist."

"This is just a quick note to let you know that since seeing you  I have been free of smoke."

"....if anyone before taking the plunge needs to hear a "testimonial", feel free to send them my way."

On E-mail Counselling

"Thank you so much for your kindness to return me the email. Your email has done great help to me and means very important to me."

"Thank you so much for your very quick response, I greatly appreciated you responding so professionally. Unfortunately or fortunately, this has been my first chance to respond because your questions were so masterful!! I have been working thru my realisations before I responded." 

"I am quite excited about the progress I have already made! .... it was a valuable insight and superbly framed. It fits perfectly into what I have studying ....with so much more! Your first question really unlocked so much, it was wonderful! Thank you with gratification, and my deepest thanks."

"I reread your replies over the weekend and decided that you were a brilliant analyst. I'm really glad that I have you as a sounding board. I feel stronger that I've felt in decades, more focused and much more centered than before..."

"I really really value your assistance as a `mind mechanic' in helping me to fix my emotional motor and `tune up' my emotional responses."

"Thanks so much for your response and advice.... I sure appreciate your taking the time to send it to me. I'll write again."

"Thanks for your message - spot on/thought provoking and psychologically healing as always... I said your questions are always extremely thought-provoking. It's bought a great sense of release... I'm very lucky to have a psychologist as clever as you..."

On THE ROAD™ Website

"I just came to know about dazzling and informative website. Your website contains very useful information and knowledge."

"Great web site! I'll add it to my links pages."

"I do admire your prolific writing ability, and your ability to maintain your site so well."

"Having read it, I want to offer you more thanks and appreciation for your willingness to assist in finding out more information about this field... Anyway, I just wanted you to know that your time and efforts are helpful. I hope that the ultimate payoff for you and other online therapists will be increased understanding and greater respect and legitimacy for this type of counselling."

"Congratulations on your fantastic site and the service to humanity you are providing through this site." 

"I am writing to express my gratitude for the work you are doing."

"I would like to compliment you on a wonderful website!"

"We would like to inform you that your "The Road" site has been awarded the Search HK site of the week .... We like your site, because you are doing a very good job of teaching the people in HK lots of things that we are lacking."

"Thank you for creating such a useful, informative and supportive website. I came across it while searching for some tools to help me answer some issues I currently have. All of the information is fascinating and helpful, but one sentence in particular was all that I needed to understand why I was feeling the way I was feeling. I really appreciate your generosity in providing so much information freely. It certainly made a difference in my life."

"You have an excellent website. Thanks"

"Nice web-page."

"Working in the industry of information technology I can see that you have put an enormous effort in setting up your website. My compliments."

"Have been cruising the net looking for an explanation I can understand and absorb...(a difficult task at the best of times!!!) on the unconscious mind for my current assignment... nothing mind blowing merely a diploma in stress management and one of the modules is psychology...Well this is to say that your site THE ROAD™ explained it wonderfully...Thank you..."

"I'm a life coach in Sydney who just saw your page.  I'm 'very impressed with the quality and scope of what you provide.  I assume this didn't happen overnight. Powerful stuff. I'm surprised you are willing to give the whole 16-step course as a file. Anyway - great site."

"Thanks for the time, attention and the encouragement you provide through your web site."

"Your website is clear, well maintained and seems to attract a lot of people. You seem to put a lot of work in it."

"I appreciate your website. It's a refreshing viewpoint for children or adults diagnosed with mental illness, to successfully treat without medication."

On the Police Stress Page

"As a Retired Special Agent and Psychotherapist, I'm always delighted to see others working in a field that is, largely, dominated by people who are unfamiliar with police work. Good to know there are a few more of us out there. I liked, very much, your page on police stress."

"It came out as second when I searched Police Stress from Yahoo."

On the Solution Focus Method to Drug and Alcohol Problems

Just finished the solution focused section of the site. Fantastic!!! Blows the limiting 12 step maintenance theory out of the water!! Loved your essay on Problem Focus treatment. I'll pass it round my fellow students on the counselling course. It points to an understanding that the 12 step model keeps people in the last stage of the wheel of change, and never lets them access their own inner resources or feel that they have the power themselves. I agree totally that conventional treatment is failing miserably, and your site has given me invaluable insights to change my course of study in a more productive direction."


"Alec takes his clients on the path of change very smoothly, intelligently, and purposefully. Never did I feel that anything was imposed onto me, I always felt safe and understood, and I did not realise how powerful and fast the changes were happening at the time when they were happening. His unintrusive, outcome-oriented, supportive and very professional way of dealing with clients has been and is still an inspiration for me. I am totally convinced that having him accompanying anyone on the path of change is an immense support and a definite plus. I am not sure which NLP technique was the most useful, but navigating on the time line to clear negative emotions was definitely the most powerful. It allowed me to unlock my potential and to become future-oriented and let go of the past."