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Personal Development Course

A 16-part course in personal discipline, love and spiritual growth based on M. Scott Peck's best-seller, The Road Less Travelled, available FREE on this website. Also available as a PDF file. Now with Interactive Exploration and Discussion for which you can receive support via e-mail.

Stages of Spiritual Growth

Peck's description of four stages, taken from Further Along the Road Less Travelled. Where are you?

Introduction to Community

The experiences M. Scott Peck had in leading community building workshops led to his writing The Different Drum (Rider & Co. 1988). These notes are a condensation of that book, designed to accompany a community building experience led by THE ROAD™. However, they can also be read alone as an aid to personal growth and development or in preparation for your own work in community building.

Out of the Patterns of Depression

Unless you have a compelling vision of the future, life is just a series of nows. And when now is not so good, depression is nearly inevitable. Now that you know that you can discover THE ROAD™ To Your Future, you can be free of depression. Based on Michael D. Yapko, PhD, Breaking the Patterns of Depression.

Relationship Evaluation (to follow)

What do you want in your relationship? Do you want your current relationship? If yes, are you prepared to give 100% to make it work? If not, where will you be. This interactive evaluation will help you find the answers.

Assertion Skills

Learn how to find a successful middle path between being either aggressive or submissive. Develop your skills in using Three-Part Assertion Messages. Taken from Robert Bolton's People Skills.

Police Stress

Therapy is a means by which an officer can deal with his or her problems, see things in perspective, learn how to relax and regain equilibrium. Almost all officers who enter therapy are able to return to normal police duties, free of drugs.

Solution Focus Method for Drug and Alcohol Problems (to follow)

All about rallying your own strengths and resources in order to solve your problems with drugs or alcohol.

This method will definitely challenge your thinking about how to solve problems. You will not be able to think about your problem and its solution in the way that you did before reading it.

Caregivers' Skills Program

The Caregivers' Skills Program is designed to make ADD and ADHD children behave correctly, function independently, pay attention, and actually think and problem solve without medication. You, the adults who care for these children, will be thoroughly trained in all the skills needed to raise healthy and happy children.

If your child has not been diagnosed ADD or ADHD nor is he or she prescribed Ritalin, but you are looking for an effective proven method of discipline you may go directly to the program

Psychiatry Out of Control

In a searing, myth-shattering book Toxic Psychiatry, psychiatrist Peter R. Breggin, MD, broke through the hype and false promises and showed how dangerous, even potentially brain-damaging, many of psychiatry's drugs and treatments are.

Healing Presence

What is the essence underlying all successful psychotherapy, that something that almost eludes description? In his book The Heart of Being Helpful - Empathy and the Creation of a Healing Presence renowned psychiatrist, Peter R. Breggin, MD, captures something of it.

Road Rage and Aggressive Driving (to follow)

A programme to help you understand and curb road rage in yourself and in others. It could save you or someone you love. Based on the book, Road Rage to Road Wise by John Larson MD (Forge, 1999).