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Why Community?

In the same way that we as individuals are on a journey through life, so too are the groups or organisations to which we belong. Once a group of people come together, there are dynamics at work that belong to the group. The group has a life of its own that is more than the sum of the lives of the individuals present. A problem for many groups or organisations is that despite the dynamics, they do not reach any true sense of community. The members of the group may be busy with tasks and activities, they may be regularly interacting and communicating with each other, but there is no feeling of belonging together. There is no community.

It is when there is no sense of community in a group or organisation that things start to go wrong. The vision is lost. Decisions are not being made. Goals are not being achieved. Tasks are not getting done. The group may think that it knows what its purpose is, but it does not seem to be able to come together to achieve it.

It is in these tough times when tensions surface, personalities clash, argument and conflict break out. Some people will leave. Some people will look around for others to blame. Some will look for ways to organise their way out of the situation. Some will look for a new or stronger leader. How many people will turn to examine themselves and their role and responsibility within the group or organisation? How many will seek to build true community?

Now, you can change with THE ROAD™ so you are:

  • learning the true meaning of community;

  • experiencing the community building process; and

  • using that experience to capture a vision, set goals, make decisions and carry out your tasks and activities.

You can, can’t you.