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Smoking Therapy

What's the success rate?

When asked what the rate of success is, I always say that I am not able to be 100% sure, because not everybody, like you, who comes to THE ROAD™ and is now a non-smoker, remembers to tell me six months later. Some therapists claim a success rate of 60-70% or higher, but without conducting a survey over a long period, it is difficult to see how they come up with their figures. I know that if I only have two clients and they are both successful, then I can claim a 100% success rate!

To be successful in stopping smoking, you have to be sure that you really want to give up smoking. If you are not sure you want to give up smoking, then you would be wasting your money and both our time. I know that you want to give up, but you want to spend your time and money wisely and successfully. With your full co-operation in the process, I can help you be successful in giving up smoking.


It is my own belief and experience that everyone can attain a state that is recognisable as hypnosis. There is a lot of theory about what the hypnotic state is, but it is not necessary to go into that, just sufficient for you to know that you can achieve that state as a means to an end.

Entering this state is a natural ability, common to all of us. We use it every day of our lives to enable us to focus our attention.

You may have some preconceived ideas about hypnosis, maybe based on what you have seen or heard about television or stage hypnosis. If you have any fears or reservations as a result of that, then I can allay them for you.

You will not be asleep. You will be fully awake and conscious of everything that I say. You will be very relaxed and comfortable and in effect, the exact meaning of what I say will not concern you.

This experience is not unlike when you are so engrossed in a television programme that you are only paying attention to it and exclude from your conscious awareness what is going on around you.

Similarly, you may have travelled to work and realised when you get there that you can't remember passing every stage in your journey, or you take a lift and you can't remember passing all the floors to reach your floor. We do it all the time.

You will only do what I tell you if it conforms to your normal moral code of behaviour. You are in control. I cannot tell you to do anything dangerous, illegal or unhealthy because you simply would not do it. If I could do that I would be able to go to the bank and get the staff to give me all the money, wouldn't I? So you remain in control and you will only do what you want to do.

How long does it take?

Smoking can be given up following only one session of hypnotherapy with THE ROAD™. You can give up smoking after only one session with THE ROAD™. Clients who choose not to give up after only one session, but who are successful in giving up after maybe three or four sessions, are usually people for whom smoking is a symptom of a deeper and more complex problem, rather than just a habit.

If smoking is just a habit for you then you can give up after just one session with THE ROAD™.

If you are ready to give up smoking, please register. You will then be able to complete the Smoking Questionnaire and choose a time for your appointment. The single session lasts approximately 90 minutes.

If you have other unresolved issues connected to your smoking habit, then you would be advised to deal with those to the extent that you need to in order to give up smoking. You can deal with your issues and give up smoking with THE ROAD™.

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The fee for registration, completing the questionnaire and the one session Smoking Therapy is £90.

Registration Form and Smoking Questionnaire

To register for this service with  THE ROAD™, please complete and submit the form with the completed the Smoking Questionnaire. You will then be able to choose a time for your appointment.

The information you provide below will be kept in strictest confidence and will remain secure with THE ROAD™ only.

Given Name : 

Family Name :

Personal E-mail Address :

Age: Male/Female:

How many cigarettes smoked in a day?

How long have you been smoking?


Why did you start?
(You can choose more than one)

Peer pressure
Rebelling against authority
Mother and/or father smoked
To appear more adult
To appear more sophisticated

What do you get from smoking?
(You can choose more than one)

It relaxes me
It helps me to concentrate
It's an excuse for a break
It boosts my confidence
It gives me support

When do you smoke?
(You can choose more than one)

On waking up
At breakfast
With tea or coffee
After meals
On the telephone
While driving
At work
While walking in the street
When taking a rest
When thinking about things
When out with friends
With a drink
In bed

What frightens you about smoking?

Do you know someone who:

Died from a smoking related disease
Is now ill from a smoking related disease

Who is most important to you, apart from yourself, in your life now?


What else is important to you now?

Has your doctor mentioned your smoking to you?

Yes No

Have you had any warning signals or symptoms?

Yes No

Do you have any health problems:

Yes No

How long do you want to live?

Until I am about years old.


Whose responsibility is your health?

What will you be able to do as a non-smoker that you could not do before?

What will you do with the money that you save?

Do you really want to quit?

Yes No

What's stopping you?

Book Your Smoking Therapy Session Now

Having completed the questionnaire, you are ready to come to THE ROAD™ and successfully give up smoking?

Please complete the rest of the form and press the button to submit this form now.

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"Hypnotherapy has the reputation of being the best therapeutic help available, so you know you can stop smoking. It has an excellent success rate."